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1800 Coconut Tequila

A blend of 100% Agave Silver Tequila and natural coconut flavour.

1800 Tequila starts with their 100% Agave Silver Tequila, which is made from blue Weber agave grown in Jalisco, Mexico. The tequila is then blended with natural coconut flavour to create a smooth coconut taste.

Characterized by its smooth and sweet taste, with notes of coconut, vanilla, and caramel, it can be enjoyed on its own as a sipping tequila, or used as a base for cocktails, such as a Coconut Margarita or a Piña Colada.

It pairs well with citrus flavours, making it a popular choice for tropical cocktails like margaritas or daiquiris,


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1800 Coconut Tequila