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Argyros Atlantis Assyrtiko

Estate Argyros has been established in 1903, but the Argyros family has been involved in wine production for decades before that. Since the beginning, there has been a focus on both wine making and vine growing, through a deep understanding that great grapes are always a prerequisite for great wines. Each generation contributed to the development of Estate Argyros wines on both fronts.

The vineyards of Santorini are famous for the basked shaped vines, a highly specific training system found nowhere else, called Kouloura. Nevertheless, there are more peculiar training systems on the island, like the Koulouri (not Kouloura) or Klada. Koulouri is a low bush vine training system, where the canes are woven into small bracelet-like shapes hanging vertical to the ground.

Although Kouloura is the only choice for vineyards that are extremely exposed to winds, in areas like Akrotiri, Estate Argyros is a great believer in the quality potential of Koulouri, in all vineyards where this method is an option. The vast majority of the estate vines is trained in Koulouri, since its architecture allows for better control over the canopy, a finer balance between fruit and vegetation, given the Santorinian constrains, and, finally, better fruit quality.

Atlantis is a blend of mainly Assyrtiko, with smaller proportions of Athiri and Aidani, sourced from relatively young vines, sixty-year-old or younger, and fermented in stainless steel at cool temperatures. Atlantis White is a fresh, charming wine, made to be enjoyed young and not intended for ageing.

Bursting with zesty lemon, grapefruit, and some saline mineral notes.  On the palate expect plenty of uplifting freshness, citrus notes, and a pure, clean finish.

Due to their robustness, “Assyrtiko” wines are full-meal friendly, that is, they need to be matched with “full-fledged” food, like grilled/fried fish or squid (kalamari), grilled octopus or lobster, roasted chicken, or lamb with lemon sauce. “Assyrtiko” wines can be accompanied with salty cheeses as well as with appetizers like oysters.


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Argyros Atlantis Assyrtiko

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