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Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Gris

In the world of wine, New Zealand’s Marlborough region has gained renown for its vibrant and expressive wines, particularly Sauvignon Blanc. However, nestled within this picturesque landscape lies a hidden gem that is steadily gaining recognition for its elegance and complexity – Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Gris.  Marlborough’s unique climate and terroir have proven to be the perfect canvas for growing high-quality Pinot Gris grapes. The region’s cool nights and warm, sunny days provide an extended growing season, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly, which is crucial for developing the variety’s characteristics.

Lawson’s Dry Hills, a family-owned winery established in 1980, has been at the forefront of winemaking in Marlborough. Their Pinot Gris is a testament to their commitment to producing exceptional wines that reflect the region’s terroir.

This Pinot Gris is a wine that captivates the senses from the first pour. Its pale gold colour sparkles in the glass, hinting at the delicacy and freshness that lie ahead. As you bring the glass to your nose, an enticing bouquet of white peach, pear, and aromatic floral notes greets you.

Flavours of ripe stone fruits, such as nectarine and apricot, are complemented by subtle hints of spice and a touch of minerality. The mouthfeel is smooth and velvety, leaving a satisfying and lingering finish.

Consider pairing it with seafood, such as grilled prawns or pan-seared scallops, to enhance the wine’s fruity and floral notes. It also pairs beautifully with light chicken dishes, aromatic Asian cuisine, and soft cheeses.


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Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Gris