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Terre di Orazio Aglianico

In the heart of Southern Italy, nestled in the region of Campania, lies a hidden gem in the world of wine – Terre del Orazio Aglianico. This exceptional wine is crafted from the Aglianico grape, a variety known for its deep roots in the historical and cultural landscape of the region.

The Aglianico grape, believed to have ancient Greek origins, thrives in the volcanic soils of Campania. Renowned for its late ripening and thick-skinned berries, Aglianico produces wines with intense flavours, robust tannins, and a remarkable aging potential. This grape variety has been cultivated for centuries, earning the nickname “Barolo of the South” due to its similarity to the prestigious Barolo wines from Northern Italy.

The vineyards are situated on hillsides with volcanic soils, imparting a distinctive minerality to the wine. The region’s warm climate and ample sunlight contribute to the grape’s slow ripening process, allowing for optimal flavour development. These factors, combined with the expertise of local winemakers, result in wines that reflect the essence of the land.

After hand-harvesting the fully ripened grapes, they undergo a meticulous sorting process to ensure only the finest fruit is used. The grapes are then fermented in stainless steel or concrete tanks, preserving the natural characteristics of the varietal. The wine is subsequently aged in oak barrels, adding complexity and depth to the final product.

Aglianico is celebrated for its bold and expressive palate. Aromas of dark berries, plums, and hints of dried herbs greet the nose, while the taste is characterized by a harmonious blend of ripe fruit, firm tannins, revealing additional layers of complexity, including notes of leather, tobacco, and spice.

This robust red wine pairs exceptionally well with hearty and flavourful dishes. Consider enjoying alongside grilled meats, game, or aged cheeses.


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Terre di Orazio Aglianico